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If you hide your enthusiasm in your sensitive and/or Projector business...this is for you!

If you hide your enthusiasm in your sensitive and/or Projector business, I hope this post serves you!

Scenario: You've mastered something that you absolutely love and it's taken you a while. You put the energy and time in. Often you are so beyond enthusiastic to share about it and scream it from the rooftops...this enthusiasm just comes naturally to you.

BUT, somewhere along the way, you've convinced yourself you're too much...your enthusiasm is too much. Maybe someone told you this. Maybe you misinterpreted what they said. Maybe you saw a show or movie that conditioned you to think this because the character had the same issue. So you shut yourself down over and over again. You catch yourself getting enthusiastic and jolt yourself into calming down. Then you judge yourself and analyze what you said until the cows come home.

You can't figure out why you're so darn exhausted, bored and frustrated.

What if...

What if that exact thing you keep shutting down in your're very gift that you keep covering up is the the very thing you need to heal from and shine with?!? What if that awareness and healing actually helped you not feel and BE so exhausted because you were allowing yourself to be who you were meant to BE??


You realize how much energy you're wasting being someone you're not and you begin to step into your beYOUtiful self and your potential--it is so freeing!!! You can't reach your potential by being someone you're NOT.

My first workshop all about this is happening next Tuesday!! I am going to guide you and teach you all about Human Design (an introduction into this self awareness tool) and show you how your unique energy works. I'll share tips and resources to help you look at your burnout a different way and begin to have hope and excitement that yes you can create a better way of living.

It's going to be cozy, intimate, fun and full of connection, laughs and aha moments.

burnout to beYOUtiful for sensitive and/or Projector Entrepreneurs


Click here or message me for more details ladies!

PS: For my HD lovers, this scenario above is actually the gift of Gate 16. If your birthday is this week, you most likely are here to be enthusiastic about whatever the thing is you've mastered. Please for the love of all--be big!! Be enthusiastic!!! Scream your love for what you do with the world unapologetically!!! Click here to learn more about Gate 16.


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